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Colonic treatment detoxifies and cleanses the buildup of waste material, especially that which has remained in the colon for some time including impacted feces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites and worms. These poisons can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making us feel ill, tired or weak. Impacted materials impair the colon's ability to assimilate nutrients including minerals and vitamins. Finally, a buildup of materials on the colon wall can inhibit peristalsis muscular action causing sluggish bowel movements and constipation.

How will it Benefit Me?
Removal of stagnant waste from the intestines enhances colon functions and enables the entire body to function more efficiently. A colonic hydrates, tones and cleanses the colon which assists peristalsis digestion and the absorption of nutrients. As a result, you may experience a relief of many symptoms including: constipation, gas, lethargy, lower back pain, fatigue, irritability, arthritis, bad breath, skin problems, headaches, depression, allergies, abdominal, discomfort and bloating. Benefits reported include better nutrient absorption, better elimination, stress reduction and weight loss.

Is it Painful?
Colonics is generally relaxing. Clients are frequently amazed at how comfortable and relaxing their experience is. Occassionaly, clients may feel mild discomfort from gas being dislodged. However, the ultimate result is great relief. Is Colonics Dagerous in any Way? There is virtually no danger. A skilled therapist will always exercise care. Exclusive State of the Art HC-2000 Machine Filtered water is introduced at a comfortable temperature into the large intestine. An automatic system for the instant filling and emptying of water dissolves the waste matter adhering to the colon. This colon therapy is completely hygenic, painless and odorless. Colon hydro-therapy is indispensible for cleaning and sanitizing the intestine.

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