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Cindy Blair:  Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy,
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My Mission is to inspire and empower my clients towards more healthy transformation in their lives. I am a passionate educator of holistic health that enables you to take charge of your health.
I have created a beautiful healing detox spa and an amazing team of professionals totally committed to our clients’ success. Our joy is providing and practicing health and detox principles that are reliable and affordable.  Over the years we have helped thousands of people seeking healthy solutions transform their lives!

My personal journey towards improved health began over 13 years ago.  I stumbled upon detox as I was searching for answers to my own personal struggles with issues of food, weight, constipation and body image. I had tried every fad diet, exercised like crazy, and did everything I could to lose the weight.  I knew I needed to make changes to feel personal fulfillment.

Ultimately I decided to attend an expensive health retreat where I lost 12 lbs. in 2 weeks! Not only did I feel more alive than ever before, I felt more spiritually connected and centered.  I also witnessed miracles happen in the lives of others. I saw cancer reversed, tumors shrink, and diabetics go off their insulin medication in just one week by cleansing and detoxing their body while adjusting their nutritional habits.  I was completely inspired! I was also shocked I had never been taught this information.  The experience was life changing for me.  I continued to learn and became passionate about sharing these principles with others.  In fact I have made it my purpose and mission to help others in their quest to lose the weight, have more energy, and be free of diseases and illnesses.

I have traveled all over the United States to the most exclusive detox and health retreats to gather the most leading-edge health information and practices. Now I can share these solutions with you in a much more affordable and convenient process that works even if you are busy.  I have learned the secrets for which celebrities spend thousands of dollars, and it is my joy to share it with you for a fraction of the cost!

I am a certified Colon Hydrotherapist (level 4) through the Internal Environment Institute and the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT).  I also graduated from National Holistic Institute of Hawaii, Massage Therapy and Nutrition.  I have been a holistic health Colon Hydrotherapist while owning my practice for over 10 years. Today, I love my life! I am living my passion and feel so fulfilled.  Allow me to help you lose weight easily, have more abundant energy, enjoy vibrant glowing skin, and live a life free of pain and disease.  In other words, live the best life you were meant to live and radiate your light to the world!

– Cindy Blair

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